Our Aesthetician’s offer additional aesthetic services including microdermabrasion, glycolic acid peels, & customized medical facials. These services are effective for removing the dead outermost layer of skin revealing the new softer & smoother skin.



Microdermabrasion is a procedure that utilizes a highly controlled flow of fine, medical grade crystals to remove dead surface skin. The exfoliation of dead skin restores the deeper layer of skin that is soft and smooth. The stimulation of the skin by microdermabrasion promotes the generation of new collagen resulting in healthier, more youthful skin. Microdermabrasion provides excellent benefit for acne prone skin, oily skin, superficial age spots, and sun damaged skin.

Single Treatment
$150 | $375 Package of 3 | $650 Package of 6




The glycolic acid peel is utilized to treat a number of skin conditions. It is beneficial for acne, hyper pigmented skin, and sun damaged skin. This treatment involves application of a natural fruit acid derived from sugar cane. This treatment provides a gentle exfoliation of the skin resulting in refined pore size and smoothing skin texture and tone.

Single Treatment
$100 | $250 Package of 3 | $500 Package of 6




The custom facial is a relaxing treatment designed to meet your specific skin care needs. The treatment will deeply cleanse and exfoliate impurities from your skin. Pore extraction is performed to unclog your pores. This treatment is indicated for many skin concerns or simply for your indulgence.

Single Treatment
30 min $65 | 60 min $95